Have you heard people saying: “There’s a method to their madness”? Well, they’re probably right.

We’ve worked with several clients since we received our first cheque (check, for our American friends!) in September 2010. And each time, we believe that we have learned something new.

While every project is unique in its own way and demands to be approached idiosyncratically, the underlying method in driving any project from start to finish remains the same, even after all these years.

Here’s what we know delivers success consistently and encourages our amazing clients to come back to us again and again!

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Tip #1

Due Diligence

Obviously, you’re interested in working together. We are too! But first, we’d like you to go through our website, check out our work and see what our clients have to say about all this. Then, if it makes sense to you, feel free to reach out and ask if we’ve done something in the area you’re specifically looking for help with. We’d be delighted to start a discussion with you.

Think of it like this – would you walk into a dealership and buy a car without checking it out? You wouldn’t. You’d want to feel the leather seats, handle the steering wheel and maybe play around with the audio console before speaking to a friendly salesperson.

It’s the same drill with us too. Except, we don’t have sales associates.

Tip #2

No RFI’s or RFP’s

RFP’s are somewhat of a quirk with us. We understand that most large organisations are mandated to follow a process of selecting a partner with whom to work. But then, we also know that some of these organisations are quite comfortable “bending the rules” for the right partner. Essentially, we’d like to be that right partner, if possible.

We’re certainly not saying that RFP’s and pitches are a bad thing. Only, we’d like to know that our work is adding value to someone, somewhere. Competing with other firms who are not in the same bracket as us doesn’t give us that insight. And we’ve come to realise that such firms simply don’t exist because there’s always room for better talent than ours or someone who’s more affordable than us.

We’re really not very sure if this is the best way to judge quality talent, so in our own little way, we’re trying to change how the industry works – for the better. Let’s focus on partnering with people who’re great to do business with and can bring tremendous value in the short- and long-term. We think that’s the only fool-proof way to succeed.

Tip #3


We’ve always integrated ourselves with our clients closely, to become a part of their team, or perhaps their “extended” team. None of our clients has thought of us as a “service provider” or a “supplier” because we get so deeply involved in what they’re doing and why; investing a lot of time in thinking through things and giving it to them as it is (without the fluff).

The other thing? We’re not an agency, and neither do we think or function like one. Our work is more than just "a commodity influenced by personal likes/dislikes" – it’s actionable, well researched and best practice. Sometimes even “new practice”.

We think of ourselves as a consulting firm with a strong execution arm and an “on demand” network of subject-matter experts, creative storytellers, adept content strategists and talented visual designers held together to deliver exceptional quality work at sustainable rates.

Not having a single sales member on our team means that we’re almost entirely dependent on client references, word-of-mouth and good karma. We’re that boutique!

Next Steps

Now that you know a bit about us, we’ve listed out a few things that you could do:

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