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Leading publishing house Repro India found a sweet spot with its ever so evolving readers through a digital transformation.

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Introduction: Why are Publishers and Printers going digital?

Let’s be honest: The process of printing and distributing hard copies is an expensive affair. Alternatively, ebook and print-on-demand models of publishing not only have significantly lower production costs, but they are also highly scalable. 

Moreover, book lovers (aka. customers!) are a savvy and digitally connected lot. That gave us a clear advantage - the more voracious the reader, the greater the opportunity to target them online. 

Who is our client?

Repro India is one of the biggest names today in Continental Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa who started as a small printing press in the 90s. Since then, they have grown into an international publishing services company that’s loved by established and indie customers alike.

Our client skilfully operates multiple business models, including:

  • physical book distribution
  • print-on­-demand
  • offset printing
  • digital publishing 

Working in tandem with publishers, retailers, bookstores, libraries and schools - both domestically and internationally - our client is among the few in their industry who has a solid reputation of delivering articulate solutions for today’s complex content publishing challenges.

The Problem

Our client was looking for an authoritative partner to reposition their brand and take a content-first approach. They also wanted their partner to have serious design chops; someone who could represent this new content in beautifully visual ways and attract a discerning customer base.

Some persistent questions that they needed help in answering were:

  • In an industry where key players are neither seen as approachable nor forthcoming, how can we demonstrate having a friendly face and a good personality to our customers?
  • How do we offer our new and affordable book printing/distribution services to an audience of millions of emerging independent authors around the world?
  • How should we go about creating a sustainable marketing funnel that can generate high-quality leads for our business?

The Solution

To us, the task ahead was clear. We knew implicitly that an elegant and content-rich website for our client would solve most of their current problems. So, we went ahead and did exactly that.

A website is the most important digital asset for any business. From a marketing funnel perspective, the website is the centrepiece of the “awareness” stage. It’s where people first come when they want to learn more about someone’s business. A website is the primary ambassador and advocate of any business; one that can make or break your company.

Why did Repro India choose us?

Every ambitious client looks at a variety of factors before they pick an external partner to collaborate with. Some of those factors are relatively explicit. Others can be very subtle and instinctive. 

Here are some competitive advantages that we were able to demonstrate to our client that earned us their project:

  1. Exposure to family businesses: We have fostered strong and respectful relationships with many family businesses over the years - current proprietors as well as their heirs. We know what it takes to get the patriarch or the matriarch on our side, and how to bridge the existential gap between old school thinking and new school creativity (i.e. risk taking). Our client happened to be the heiress to an established family business with a legacy going back over 30 years. 
  2. Leveraging on goodwill: We were referred to this client by another client of ours at the time. It turns out that both clients were classmates from school and were based in the same city looking for an external partner around the same time. They were impressed with the work we were doing for other clients and considered reaching out to us.
  3. Boutique team and personalised attention: The owner of a business working directly with another business owner. Who doesn’t love that kind of camaraderie?

Final Thoughts...

Like all good things, this project with our client achieved a successful end, or to speak in book terms - a happy ending. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to work closely with Trisha and her amazing team on this project. 

“ The best decision I have made as head of marketing at my company was to hire Rohan. He is friendly, warm, diligent and incredibly resourceful. There was one instance where I pointed out room for improvement and his response was heartwarming. He is open-minded, prompt and very receptive to feedback - a commendable and rare skill to have. And yet, he has a lighter side that belies his technical background with an impeccable sense of humour. I am very grateful to have had Rohan and his team around to give our company the makeover it was looking for as it tries to transform its image in the market - and what better way to do that in this digital world than with a suave new website. He has earned my strongest recommendation! ”

                     - Trisha V. (Business Manager and Head - Marketing)

Trisha hired us for our content-first approach. Like Trisha, if you are someone who is looking for a capable team of professionals to step in and change the game for your business, we’d love to start a conversation with you.

We offer a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation. Schedule a chat with us today.

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