Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide revisions to your content and design?

We do. We provide one revision on all our deliverables. But, we are mindful about what we are revising and why we are revising it. 

The fact is - we don't want to be in the revision business. We want to be in the creation business. 

We spend a significant amount of time creating content of great value for our clients. That means, we believe in getting things right in the first place, so that there's little room for revision. An immense amount of effort goes into research and understanding our client's business. We then make sure that our content, tonality, and communication, is in complete sync with their brand.

While we are happy to revise your copy or design once as a complimentary service, we charge an hourly fee for any subsequent revisions.

Got a question that we did not answer?

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