Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from the competition?

We are very closely involved at every level with our clients, often serving as a trusted advisor and sounding board on complex marketing projects. 

We have a highly experienced team of marketers and operators globally with whom we have worked for years. Which means that we understand the nuances of remote work and international standards very well.

Our team is deeply committed to their craft, often going beyond the call of duty, and working side-by-side with our clients to achieve profitable outcomes.

We play exceptionally well over a long term. Many of our projects span months, if not years. It is important for our clients to find a partner who is not only consistent but also easy to work with over such long periods. 

We choose clients who we can achieve success with, by spending a lot of time coaching them with the sole intent of making them into better marketers while consolidating their position as an indispensable asset within their organisation.

We are not desperate for revenue because we don’t have venture capitalists or banks to answer to, and that allows us to be honest with our clients. We say ‘No’ when we have to, and 'Yes' when we need to.

Got a question that we did not answer?

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30am - 06:00pm (IST)