Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our ‘perfect fit’ client is a marketing VP, director, or manager, working with a mid-sized company or an established family-owned business, responsible for producing bespoke content on a regular basis. We work almost exclusively with clients who leverage us year-round, and manage a marketing budget between $100K and $2.5M per year. Flagship engagements include Honda, UNICEF, Airtel, ISB, Repro, Global Schools Foundation, and Dr. Reddy’s Labs among others.

We play well with clients who are Type-B personalities seeking deep, interdisciplinary involvement and long-term partnerships. Our best work comes out when we are engaged with humble clients who love to experiment and have a great attitude, work ethic, and value system.

Many of our talented team members have been with BUZZVALVE® for longer than 5 years, which truly drives our formidable client retention rate.

Because we are proud to be a 100% client-funded business, we are obsessed about serving our clients and taking their goals to dizzying heights.

Got a question that we did not answer?

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 08:30am - 06:00pm (IST)